Halo Wars 2 – Neuer Patch erscheint kommende Woche

Halo Wars 2

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Halo Wars 2 – Neuer Patch erscheint kommende Woche

Halo Wars 2 – Neuer Patch erscheint kommende Woche

In der kommenden Woche können sich Spieler von Halo Wars 2 auf einen neuen Patch freuen, der für Xbox One und PC veröffentlicht wird. Der Patch enthält neben Fixes und Verbesserungen zudem eine Reihe von Balanceänderungen und ebnet den Weg für den ersten neuen Anführer Kinsano.

Für euch haben wir einmal die offiziellen Patch-Notes (auf Englisch) aufgelistet:

„Crashes / Errors / Performance

  • Fixed a crash that occurred in Skirmish against AI opponents
  • Fixed some error handling with Xbox live service messages
  • Fixed a crash that can occur in a LASO play through
  • Fixed a hardlock that could occur when loading into “Lights Out”
  • Fixed a desync that could be hit in Firefight
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while watching the prologue cinematic
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while a user signs out while loading into a certain game mode
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when transporting newly deployed units
  • Fixed an Win 10 specific issue with the game hanging sometimes when restarting a mission
  • Fixed some suspend/idle issues that caused infinite loads
  • Fixed some Intel Iris Graphics 520 issues that could cause a crash
  • Improved performance when running on various Intel integrated GPUs
  • Fixed some improper localization strings in controller layout while playing the Basic Tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when a Wolverine is destroyed by a Lightbridge toggling off while it was on it
  • Improved stability by fixing a large variety of one-off crashes
  • Fixed some performance hitches in Campaign that were caused by scripted events triggering


  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes able to quickly assign one Leader Power point to two different Leader Powers
  • AI now garrisons a bit more often in Legendary when low on health
  • Damage against Bases show as soon as it happens
  • Fixed an issue with Hornets sometimes not responding to Banished unit attacks
  • Fixed an issue with pressing the ‘Q’ key twice did not select all units, if there were no units on the screen
  • Fixed an issue with Challenges sometimes not progressing in Solo/Team War or Team Objective Playlists
  • Fixed a logic issue in “Lights Out” where a player could bypass part of the mission
  • Fixed Shift-Right-clicking to set multiple waypoints not working in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with AI ignoring Sentinel recaptured Control Points
  • Fixed some units getting stuck on the campaign mission “The Halo”
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy AI retreats too often on Normal
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes kill its own units by toggling a Lightbridge
  • Fixed an issue with units doing no damage in a specific scenario
  • Fixed an issue with “Departures” video being unlocked after completing “The Halo”
  • Fixed a bug with “Just the Facts” and “The full story” achievements not triggering properly
  • Fixed an issue where players would get their Favorite Leader instead of the one picked
  • Fixed a bug where recycling a Shield Generator would take down the shield even if there was another Shield Generator on the base
  • Various unit animation fixes
  • Added three new achievements unique to the upcoming “Kinsano” leader DLC


  • Fixed some text truncation that could occur in some Campaign missions
  • Fixed some text in a few Phoenix logs
  • Fixed some UI callouts for failed objectives in a previously played mission showing in a different mission


  • Fixed some cases of audio corruption when multiple sound effects were played at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle engine audio stuttering when on the edge of battle
  • Fixed an issue with clipping/corruption occurring in higher waves of Blitz Firefight

Design & Balance Changes
Note: Balance changes affect units in standard and Blitz multiplayer modes unless otherwise noted.


  • Shipmaster’s Scout mines cannot be dropped on buildings anymore
  • The Banished Cleansing Beam speed slightly reduced
  • ODSTs cost increased from 600 to 800, HP slightly decreased


  • Adjusted the Supply income curve to give less of a bonus income on the first few Supply Pads/Warehouses, but less limiting as player’s build additional pads.


  • Sgt. Forge: Removed the discount on Supply Pads and Reactors in the “Rolling Economy” leader power


  • Jump Pack Brutes:

o Increased HP
o Incased basic DPS
o Slight increase to move speed

  • Hellbringers:

o Significant increase to HP
o Significant increase to fire damage dealt to basic infantry units
o Move speed slightly increased
o Cost reduced from 80/50 to 80/40
o Reduced pre-attack and post-attack cooldown to improve responsiveness

  • Suicide Grunts (NOT Blitz Suicide Grunts)

o Increased HP
o Base damage decreased
o Base AOE range increased
o Move speed slightly increased
o Charge distance increased
o Charge speed decreased
o Cost reduced from 100/25 to 100/20

  • Elite Rangers

o Significantly increased HP
o Armor type changed to be more resistant to small arms fire from Marine & Grunt squads
o Cost reworked from 80/110 to 125/90
o DPS increased

  • Jackrabbit

o Cost reduced from 220/15 to 200/12

  • Ghost

o Cost reduced from 265/20 to 230/15

  • Chopper

o Cost reduced from 280/20 to 230/15

  • Hunters

o Cost reduced from 150/200 to 160/160
o DPS reduced

  • Cyclops

o Cost reduced from 120/150 to 120/120
o DPS reduced

  • Wraiths

o HP significantly increased
o Shields significantly increased
o Build time reduced
o Cost changed from 550/40 to 525/70
o Plasma Cannon DPS increased
o Plasma Mortar DPS increased
o Plasma Mortar Fire rate increased
o Y ability initial damage increased significantly
o Incoming healing reduced

  • Scorpion

o HP increased
o Cost changed from 650/50 to 600/90
o Machinegun DPS increased
o Cannon DPS increased
o Cannon AOE size decreased
o Canister shell DPS increased
o Canister shell AOE size increased
o Incoming healing reduced

  • Grizzly

o HP increased
o Machinegun DPS increased
o Missile pod DPS increased
o Cannon DPS increased
o Missile Barrage ability damage increased

  • Grunts

o Grunt squad build time reduced
o Overall DPS increased for basic and mine-upgrade squads
o Overall DPS increased for pack brother upgrade squads

  • Marines

o Grenade DPS decreased significantly
o Grenade large AOE size reduced
o Marine Assault rifle DPS decreased

  • Anders’ Sentinels

o Move speed decreased
o No longer has a huge damage bonus vs. buildings
o General DPS decreased
o Lockdown Bolt damage decreased significantly

  • Banshees

o Banshee Plasma Torpedo damage reduced

  • Locusts

o Basic DPS slightly reduced
o Line of sight range reduced
o Weapon range reduced

  • Base Turrets

o UNSC and Banished upgraded turrets DPS increased
o Banished turrets HP increased
o UNSC turrets build time reduced
o Banished turret build time reducedStrongholds

  • UNSC and Banished HQ HP increased to a constant, high HP amount across all tech tiers“

Quelle: HalowayPoint

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