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Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics – Update

Entwickler Auroch Digital liefert den ersten Patch für seinen Taktik-Shooter Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics. Der Patch behebt überwiegend kleinere Darstellungsfehler. Im Folgenden die englischen Patch-Notes:


  • Added ‚Mythic‘ difficulty mode. This game mode is only for the most experienced/foolhardy of players
  • Added ‚Mythical‘ Steam achievement, awarded for completing the game on Mythic difficulty
  • Added a pop up when launching a mission in the Headquarters that warns if one or more player units can purchase skills from their respective Skill Trees
  • Added new visual effects to missions 4 and 7, to better reflect their ‚dream sequence‘ nature
  • Added numerous new variations to character barks
  • Added option to limit the display frame rate
  • Added various improvements to Skill Tree UI to make purchasing skills more clear
  • Improved Shoggoth AI
  • Pathfinder Demonhunter now has a mohawk.

Bug fixes

  • Steam achievement „Piles of Bodies“ will no longer appear for every enemy kill
  • Fixed a possible game hang on the enemy turn in Mission 7: Operation Sweep & Clear
  • Singh will no longer occasionally lean the wrong way when firing his secondary weapon
  • Re-added audio track „Hawkins“ to Headquarters music
  • Fixed missing text for Nachtwolfe Commander
  • Fixed selection circle visual bug
  • Fixed enemy units in some circumstances teleporting instead of completing their movement animations
  • Fixed enemy units occasionally not appearing in the correct cell visually
  • Fixed German translation of Pathfinder Demonhunter
  • Fixed inconsistent stats displayed on character dossier screens
  • Added a further failsafe for errors when loading a save game
  • Fixed overly loud bunker footsteps audio
  • Fixed strange behaviour on some blood splatter particle effects
  • Extended Mag weapon upgrade now adds single shots rather than entire clips
  • ‚Xray‘ highlight of obscured enemy units will no longer show when the enemy is within the Shroud
  • ‚Xray‘ highlight will no longer show for dead enemy units
  • Fixed issue where ‚Game Over‘ popup would incorrectly remain during loading screen
  • Player character ‚core‘ skills will now cost 1SP; to compensate, player characters will start with +1SP
  • Fixed bug where incorrect difficulty description could display when returning to new campaign screen
  • Fixed UI bug where multiple clicks on an unavailable skill could incorrectly make it appear as „trained“
  • Shoggoths will no longer display ’staggered‘ particle effect
  • Fixed bug where incorrect item description could show on Loot screen after completing a mission
  • Numerous text and typo fixes
  • Fixed issue where deleting all campaigns could result in a game crash upon startup
  • Fixed crash on startup due to corrupted options file
  • Fixed issue where game could default to incorrect options settings
  • Fixed issue where game could hang if Ariane’s „Life Drain“ ability was interrupted by an Overwatch attack
  • Fixed malfunctioning door on „Operation Osprey“
  • Fixed party level window incorrectly displaying in in-mission character dossier

Quelle: Steam

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